Being home

Been back a month now but still feeling deeply connected with my experience. Went into Lush the other day and chatted to the staff about where i’d been and what i’d done and they were so nice. Its refreshing to see a successful brand operating with a conscience. And their stuff is dope too. They even gave me some free samples. I told Murad and he said, “cool” šŸ™‚

Murad and me have been whatsapping each other most days. Its a cool thing to chat to someone you’ve never met, from another part of the world and then become friends. Its also good to challenge yourself now and again, challenge what you hear and what you think you know and talk to people on the ground.

Murad’s coming to the UK for the first time later in the summer to talk at 2 Permaculture conferences so if you’d like to learn more about permaculture in palestine, living sustainably or want to contribute in any way, feel free to meet us for some tea or check out Murad’s page. He knows loads šŸ™‚

As-salamu alaykum


2 thoughts on “Being home

  1. They look happy.

    Happier than we Jews who were forced to flee the Arab countries.

    How come the 900,000 Jews like me who were expelled or fled from Arab countries are no longer referred to as Refugees nor are we living in Refugee Camps.

    Israel took care of us.

    The Arabs did not take care of their Palestinian brothers.

    Westerners like you want to put oil on the fire.


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